Zoe, A Pup Full of Life

zoeyDeciding on a single name for your pup can be hard sometimes. Some sources of inspiration come from today’s popular trends and others lend from historical characters of ancient times. Then there are a few names that have stuck around for ages, and are just as popular today as they were a thousand years ago.

A name right out of the history books

The name Zoe is Greek in origin and has the simple but powerful meaning: “life.” As it happens, Zoe (in all spelling variations) was very common in the Byzantine Empire, which ruled extensively from the third to fourteenth century, and was even christened by two early Christian saints. Due to the popularity of the name at the time, the Hellenized Jews also adopted Zoe as an interpretation for the classic name “Eve.”

Later on, the name Zoe was adopted by English speaking countries both in the East and West, still maintaining its “life” meaning. But the name wasn’t popular in the West until recent years. In countries such as Wales, Great Britain, Spain, and Australia, just to name a few, Zoe ranks high in their top 100 name choice lists.

For such a simple name, there happens to be various spelling choices to choose from, including: Zooey, Zoey, Zowie, and Zoie. All are pronounced the same though– Zo-e. To make things more interesting, another source of the name Zoe happens to be the nickname for the masculine Zachary or Zachariah. And while the name is preferably female, there are a few males out there named Zoe as well.

Recognize that name somewhere?

In the 1960’s, J.D. Salinger’s book “Franny and Zooey” popularized the name Zooey through the character Zachary Martin Glass ((nicknamed Zooey) who was a Jewish-Irish actor. Perceived as an emotionally toughened intellectual, Zooey consistently offered his personally perceived advice to his younger sister, Franny, and other fellow family members. Another famous bearer of the name is Zooey Deschanel, a popular American actress, writer, and musician, who stretches the limits of creativity and humor in her numerous productions.

The name Zoe makes a great name, or even nickname for people, and it is quite popular amongst our furry companions. Easy to say and simple enough for your pup to listen for in a busy crowd at the park, this humble name best describes the life-enjoying characteristics that pups are so well known for. So if you happen to have a Zoe, Zowie, or a Zooey in your life, please share a story about how your furry friend has changed your life.

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