The History, Meaning and Importance of the Dog Name – Molly

dog-1606588_640Originally, the name “Molly” was specifically meant for female humans, but it is currently not one of the most common human names. However, for female dogs, it is one of the most popular names, especially among English speakers. The name is a wonderful and befitting name that a dog can easily answer because it is short with just two syllables, and there are hardly any dog commands that sound the same as this beautiful dog name.

Though the name “Molly” has been in existence for years as a human name, it actually became more popular as a dog name recently after the exploit of Molly Brown. Molly Brown, born as Margaret Tobin, was one of the survivors of the famous and tragic Titanic ship that sank in 1912 with many lives lost in the process.

Immediately after the ship collided with iceberg and started sinking, Molly Brown took it upon herself to help some of the survivors get into the lifeboats available. She also got into one and followed other survivors to a safe place. Her help did not end at the spot where the ship sank; she also assisted many of the survivors on Carpathia and later in New York. She became famous for these selfless acts, and many people started naming their dogs after this awesome character. Similarly, after the release of the award-winning Titanic movie in 1997, many people further fell in love with this legendary name. Molly became one of the top 3 names of female dogs among English-speaking dog lovers around the world.

Though the Hebrew origin of Molly is not argued, there are different meanings for it. The name “Molly” is seen as a diminutive of the Mary and its most common meaning is “wished-for child”. This meaning says a lot about the uniqueness of this name; hence, it should only be given to dogs that are well cared for and loved by their owners. Special female dogs should be the ones answering this special name. Another meaning attributed to the name “Molly” is bitter. Whatever the real meaning of Molly is, it is a beautiful and suitable name for your dog.

Molly is suitable for all kinds of female dogs; irrespective of their height, color, breed, weight and characters. Therefore, when you are looking for a beautiful name for your female dog, do not hesitate to choose Molly.

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