The History and Meaning of the Dog Name – Duke

duke-2293186_640If you just got a new dog, you are probably having a tough time over finding just the right name for him, just like an expectant parent trying to name their baby. We tend to put plenty of thought and efforts into picking a name for our dogs, a name that is pleasing to the ear, and one we won’t feel embarrassed yelling in public. You’d much rather call out “Buddy, come,” at the dog park than “Stay, Slobberchopers,” wouldn’t you? By assumption, you’ll be saying your dog’s name at least 35,000 times over the lifetime of your pet, so choosing the right one that you’ll be happy long after the fad “dog name of the year” fades away.

The most anticipated part of getting a new dog is giving it a name. You spend a lot of time thinking about a unique dog name. It is necessary to choose the right one of the many dog names for your dog. If you know that you are a true dog lover, you should see your pet as more than just a mere friend and companion. Your puppy is your new baby, and will often give you as much trouble as a new human baby- but like a child – well worth the investment! You and your dog are going to be companions for many years so the name should reflect your relationship as well as the dog’s personality. You’d want a name to give your puppy to fit him or her perfectly.

One idea is to name your dog after a famous male that you like or can relate to, either in history, movies, or pop culture. A very good example is “Duke.” Famous people named Duke include legendary jazz pianist Duke Ellington. Duke was also the name of ultimate movie tough guy John Wayne. And for TV trivia buffs, it was the name of the hound dog in the TV show “The Beverly Hillbillies.”

Dogs named DUKE are faithful, loving dogs. They are usually “people” dogs and don’t want you out of their sight. Most dogs named DUKE are medium to larger sized dogs. They can be smart and dominant, and they respond well to obedience training. Duke is a Latin name which means “Leader of the Herd; high-ranking nobleman.” They are dogs that love playtime. They bond strongly to their owners and love nothing more than a little affection from their owners. If you want a true friend and pet, you can name your dog DUKE.

Dogs named DUKE are loving and loyal to their owners. They are always at alert and excellent listeners. Not much gets past a dog named DUKE. They are intuitive and smart. Many people may describe dogs named DUKE as “intelligent.” They can be well trained if given the opportunity. Dogs named DUKE have a friendly and often energetic demeanor with sweet personalities. They are healthy dogs and loyal companions.

Your puppy’s name says as much about you as it does about your dog, so naming your dog DUKE would be a wise decision.

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