The History and Meaning of the Dog Name – Apollo

mix-1343021_640If you are currently considering finding a perfect name for your new dog, this is just for you. The name “Apollo” stands out among other dog names and its uniqueness comes from its origin and meaning. It is also a typical short name that dogs can be easily called.

Generally, Apollo is a name suitable for male dogs that have shown qualities of being strong as the name originally belonged to a Greek god. Known as the son of Leto and Zeus, Apollo was known as the Greek god of medicine, prophecy, and wisdom. He was also regarded as the god of beauty, law, and art to show how important he was in the Greek mythology. Apollo was the twin of Artemis, who was the Greek goddess of virginity, moon, and chastity. After few years of being known as the god of different elements, Apollo was made the god of sun and light according to the Greek mythology.

Being regarded as the god of many elements shows how important Apollo was to the ancient Greek; hence, the name “Apollo” is much more suitable for uniquely important male dogs. Notably, the name “Apollo” has been related many times to “apelo” which is an Indo-European word for strength.

As a word of Greek origin, Apollo has two separate and unrelated meanings. The first meaning is “destroy”, and this depicts the character as an animal capable of wreaking havoc in different manners. However, this could be directly related to the natural strength associated with the name and not necessarily a destroyer. Furthermore, the name can also be sometimes used to mean “apple’ which is a common, sweet tasting fruit. Whichever of the two meanings of the name “Apollo” you choose to consider; the name still retains its uniqueness and suitability for male dogs.

Based on the meanings and history of the name, most of the dogs bearing this name are often seen to be competent with great strength. They usually make use of their strength in ensuring their survivals. Therefore, the name “Apollo” tends to increase the competence of dogs, making them more successful in their association with humans as well as other domestic animals.

Consequently, if you are just bringing in a new dog into your home and you would like to give the dog a good, meaningful and practical name, Apollo is highly recommended. It is a name that comes with a vigor that could make you and your dog build a good and memorable pet-owner relationship.

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