The History and Meaning of the Dog Name – Bear

dog-747460_640Bear is one of the most awesome and adorable names often given to dogs. It is a unisex name with deep and interesting meaning.

History of the dog name ‘Bear’

Historically, the dog name ‘bear’ has an American origin. The name, Bear, originally refers to large dogs with thick hair and large body. The name is more befitting for a strong and brave dog. Characteristically, dogs bearing the name are known to be brave and loyal. Despite their loyalty, they usually show great tendency of being aggressive, and their braveness to be even more glaring. If you own a dog that has bulky hair with tendency of being brave and aggressive, naming her ‘bear’ could be suitable.

Meaning of the dog name ‘Bear’

Bear actually has a French meaning, which can be translated as being strong and brave.

Popular dogs with the dog name ‘Bear’

There are a lot of dogs bearing the name as it has become one of the favorite dog’s names for many people. One of the famous dogs with the name is a dog that appears in a 1995 movie titled Crimson Tide. The Jack Russell terrier in that interesting movie is a strong dog that participates in some of the most violent activities of the film. Factually, she is involved in a battle that claims the life of many people; however, she survives the battle unscathed. The ability of the dog to survive a fierce battle without being injured or killed highlights its braveness, aggressiveness and strength. These obvious characteristics make her stands out among other dogs.

Just like most other popular and commonly used dog names, the name ‘Bear’ is short with just two syllables; hence, instructing your dog with the name is very easy. Dog owners that want to encourage braveness and strength in their dogs should consider the name ‘bear’.

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