History of the Dog Name – Elsa

dog-1551709_640There are lots of cute names that can be given to dogs. Elsa is one of the trendiest names given to dogs nowadays, and it is quite a lovely and befitting name for female dogs due to its origin.

The name Elsa finds its origin in the name Elizabeth, which is a popular female name. Elizabeth is a Hebrew word for “my God is an oath”, and since Elsa is a short form of Elizabeth, it retains the same meaning. Elsa, as a dog name, comes with a touch of royalty, class and elegance; hence, it is highly recommended to be used as a dog name.

Though Elsa has been in use as a dog name for years, it has been further popularized in recent years following its usage as the name of a fictional character in the movie Frozen. Produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, Frozen was produced in 2013 and Elsa is one of its major characters. She is of the royal blood with calm and reserved character. As depicted in the movie, Elsa is known for her ability to manipulate snow and ice, and use them to fight, make items and perform so many other magical acts. After the release of Frozen, many people who loved the magical and fictional character of Elsa fell further in love with the name and it has become one of the favorite dog names. Apart from Frozen, the name Elsa has also been used in many other movies and books.

Elsa is a moderately short name. It is just a two-syllable word which dogs can easily get used to.

Let us know if you have a little Elsa in your household!

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