Terry the Terrier?

Terrier DogSome names have a talent for suiting certain pups in particular. The name Terry fits right in for a certain group of dog breeds, particularly those that tend to be a little smaller but show no shortness in courage, intelligence, and loyalty.

While names tend to be universally acceptable for any application, when it comes to rhyming with a particular category of dog breeds, it is the terrier that finds this name most suiting. And keep in mind that there are several different terriers, like the Jack-Russell terrier or the Scottish terrier.

A Terry here, A Terry there

Terry happens to be an intriguing name that’s been around long enough to have origins in a large portion of the world. The German meaning of the name is “ruler of the people.” Slightly askew is the Norse meaning which means “like Thor,” who was the Norse god of Thunder. It’s fairly specific, but awesome nonetheless. For the English, it is also considered the abbreviation or nickname for Terrell or Terrence.

It is also the phonetically form of the French name, Theirre, which was derived from the German and also means “powerful,” or “ruler of the people.” And something completely different is that in the Latin, it was derived from an ancient Roman clan’s name.

Happy go lucky

These pups are supremely optimistic about everything. They rarely feel “down” about things because there’s always a chance. These chipper pups tend to be easily excited, which can sometimes be annoying when you’re bringing home groceries and your pup is bouncing all over you with excitement.

Energetic is saying little about a Terry. They tend to be hyper and find entertainment in the smallest of stimuli. A bug flies through the air? Instant hot pursuit. Take your slippers off? Now it’s a play toy. The upside is that these pups do very well even when alone. They love to play, but are capable of finding something entertaining all on their own. Of course, this sometimes includes de-fluffing your sofa cushions.

Now that you mention Terry…

Terry is one of those names that while seemingly popular only for boys, it also happens to be a girl’s name as well. One of the most famous pups to ever appear on screen is Terry. She happens to be the pup who played Toto in the Wizard of Oz movie.

For the humans, Terry Crews, the football athlete, is also renowned for his humorously awesome Old Spice commercials. Terry McMillan, author of the books, “Waiting to Exhale” and “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” which also became movies. There’s also Terry Bradshaw, the famous football player who has turned to the mic to comment and report on the sport he loves

Terry is a great name for a pup of any kind, particularly those that tend to be a little hyper and very lovable. With a uniquely awesome pup-sonality, it is likely that a pup named Terry can easily slip their way into your life and your arms, even when you’re least expecting.

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