Huff and Puff Kirby

P6260092Some names are just perfect for pups. They have an almost “character” type nature that falls in line with a wonderful companion to help you on an adventure. But not all names start out that way. In fact, some of them are founded on more serious principles.

In some cases, the actual definition doesn’t truly define what a name means to the people and pups that use it. Sometimes, names get their meaning during its journey through time and the users that have passed on their special characteristics down the line for future generations to enjoy.

Kirby’s olden origin

The actual origin was not used for people, but for places. It is an Old Norse combination of Kirkja (church) and byr (settlement) and was reflected in its use as a name for places throughout England and Ireland later.

But in the case of our furry friends, it’s often more enjoyable to leave out the seriousness and enjoy giving our pups some fun-filled identity with a simple name. And it’s important to note that while it is commonly associated with boys, it is ideal for girls as well.

Kirby the gamer

These pups have a tendency to be creative. At times, they might even seem incredible at it. Toys, puzzles, and even things that you wouldn’t normally play with suddenly appear on the game floor.

These pups love to live for the sense of humor. Whoever said pups can’t smile or laugh was wrong, particularly in the case of this pooch. You might note strange expressions on their face and a sudden feeling that something is about to happen. Yuppers, you might be falling for a prank they just pulled.

They have a knack for playing pranks and teasing, and while it might sound mean, it’s all part of the game of life. They just enjoy spicing it up a little to remind you to be on your toes and keep things interesting throughout life.

You may have heard…

The name Kirby has been a lightly used name in the past century, making only a few appearances, though it is good to mention that those with the name enjoy it and find it has a certain unique aspect that makes them feel special.

As far as sports go, there is Kirby Puckett, the famous centerfield hall of famer. And of course, there’s Kirby, the famous pink Nintendo character who puffs up like a balloon and battles the forces of evil. Kirby is also a brand of vacuum cleaners, which many pups are well-known for arguing with when they come rolling out of the closet and fill the house with scary noises.

Kirby is a great name for a pooch of either gender. And they don’t have to be pink to fill the characterization, so don’t dye your pup’s fur. With a silly attitude that jests to make the most of life, these pups brighten the scene with a little comedic relief to help you when you feel down and to remind you that life is fun.


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