Lucy of Your Life

LucyWhile there are numerous dog names today that have been brought to our attention because they’re trendy, there are still some classics that continue to fit our pooch’s personality just right. Lucy is an easy name to say. It practically rolls off your tongue, and seems to hit just the right note to bring your pup in after a day’s worth of play.

But there’s more to this name than meets the ear. In fact, Lucy is a name that brightens up our day. The meaning of the name Lucy is “of light,” or better translated as “born at dawn.” The name has its origins in the Norman language, which is based primarily on the Latin language. The interesting thing about the Norman language is that it’s considered one of the “romance languages” spoken in Europe. So for the most part, Lucy is a French (and later used in English) name derived from the Latin masculine variation Lucius.

A name with character

The name Lucy has been around long enough to earn its mark in history. When it comes to entertainment and classics, there are a few particular characters and even discoveries that one might find interesting when they think of their pup’s name.

For those that enjoyed reading the comics growing up, Lucy van Pelt is widely remembered as the bossy and often annoying character from Charles Shultz comic Peanuts (she was the one who pulled the ball away from Charlie Brown just before he could kick it). Another classic story that many children read right before bedtime features the young and adventurous character Lucy Pevenise, from the Chronicles of Narnia.

Of course, we have to mention the unforgettable actress Lucille Ball who was the star of the 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy, and always seemed to get into trouble just the right way.

Then there’s the archaeological Australopithecus fossil named Lucy, dating back to the year 3,000,000 BC. What’s interesting about this fossil is that it’s amongst the oldest humanoid fossils known to man and has become incredibly valuable in the study of human genealogy throughout history.

A whole lot of name

One thing about the name Lucy is that it has an amazing number of variations to it. One may find three or four similar spellings and a few different pronunciations. But Lucy is something special. It has around twenty-five different variations, and that doesn’t include the masculine forms.

For starters, we have Luce, Luci, Lusi, and Lucie, all pronounced the same but are just spelled differently. Then we have the variations that put a little extra touch on the name. There’s Lucida, Lucille, Lucina, Lucyna, Lucianna (Lucy Anna), Lucine, Lucinda, Lucita, Lou, and Loulou just to name a few. It seems that Lucy has been around long enough to have started its own name club.

Our faithful furry companions are always there to help brighten our day. And with the name Lucy, you may have a pup who’s ready to wake you up at the crack of dawn, take you on an adventure full of excitement, and probably even grab the ball away from you when you aren’t expecting it.

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