To Name a Corgi

corgiCorgis are one of the top 25 favorite dog breeds because of their small sizes, friendly attitude, and general cuteness. Finding a name for these friendly companions take special effort though. Here then are a few things to consider when naming your corgi pup.

Consider a name that hints at the royal lineage and favor these little furry rascals have. The Queen of England is renowned for her furry corgi companions, which hints to a few name options you can pick from. Of course, there are those who enjoy these pups for their adventurous tendencies such as spacey sounds and names. Though small in stature, these pups are amongst an adventurer’s best companions. Friendly and loyal, they deserve a name that suits them right.

Creative names

Starting with “A,” consider Anna Bear (a furry-friendly name option for Annabelle) and Atom for the scientific minded. Then there’s Beaker and Bear (short for Teddy Bear). Chauncey makes for a fine name along with Cassie, offering a royal ring each time they’re called out.

Covering the “D’s”, Dragster (if you’ve ever seen a corgi take off running on a tile floor, you’d know this name fits just right) and Dash (because they can be so fast for pups with short legs) make for excellent descriptive names for a corgi.

Ein or Einey (a favorite for anime fans) is another favorite, as is Emma, for the Harry Potter fans. There’re also names like Fiona and Fritz, for those spastic rants around the house.

Gidget or Gadget is a great choice for the spacey sound, and George (King George) is for those that would enjoy a royal title. Consider Hopkins, to go with those adorable bunny hops through the yard, or Hobbs for the comic fans. For the adventurers, there’s Indi (Indiana Corgis).

Then there’s Jenna and Jeep, for the four-wheeling corgi owners out there. Kirby (the gaming adventurer name) and King (just plain King says enough about these furry friends) state a lot about your pup’s personality.

If you want to get a little silly, a name like Lord Waffles (what corgi can say no to a waffle?) leads to a lot of conversation. Luna (another for the Harry Potter fans) is a popular name as well. Getting even more creative, a name like Mick DunCorgi suits the adventurous nature of a corgi just right while lathering a slight pun on the name.

There are descriptive names like Nutters and Ninja (they can be so wild and stealthy sometimes). Odin makes an excellent name for Thor fans, while Otto offers the spacey adventure’s companion sound.

Then there’s Piper and Pippin, as well as Panda, for the Cardigans corgis who have black and white coats.

Recon (corgi’s are excellent alert pups and will always tell you what’s up around the house) and Romeo (so irresistibly charming) are excellent personality descriptive names, and do have a nice ring to them.

For those that love royalty, there’s Sir Charles (you can add “Sir” and create your own special name), Sophie Puffin (after all the fluffiness), and Sunday (because every day is as relaxing as Sunday when your corgi is around).

Because of their relatively small bodies and sheer determination, the name Tank seems to suit corgi’s well. For the space-loving adventurers, the name Trillian might ring a bell. Other creative names are Victor VanCorgi and Wiley Corgi.

Of course, the golden coat of the corgi might just leave you thinking about naming them Winnie, after Winnie the Pooh Bear. And because “Z” names are rare, names like Zip, Zoey, and Ziggy give your corgi pup a unique sound that suits them well.

These are just a few names for corgi pups of all kinds, and that includes the Corgi mixed breeds out there like the Borgi. Please, share your pup’s name with us and let us know the inspiration behind it.

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