History and Meaning of the Dog Name; Hurley

dog-1423741_640Although the name is of English origin, Hurley has been used in as an Irish dog Name some humans even use it as a surname. The major concentrations of Hurley used as a human name can be found today in the Tipperary and Limerick counties where it spread from its original homeland Dalcassian, and in Cork.

In Clare, some who bear the name Hurley have opted for Commane instead. The reason is that the Irish representation is Hurley-stick; which was formally used in a sport known as ‘hurling is camán.’ However, on the other hand, the name Commane doesn’t originate from the same source.

History and Origin of the Dog Name Hurley

The history of Hurley as a dog name is fascinating. It has been in use as Irish and English dog name since as far back as the 10th Century AD. The dog name, Hurley, is believed to have originated from Earley, a small village close to Reading, Berkshire. The village, in the Domesday Book, is referred to as ‘Herlei.’ This type of surnames (hereditary) were introduced into England by the leading loyalists to the Conqueror.

Among humans, the name Hurley was usually inherited by the eldest child (the son in most cases. Today, it is being used as a unisex name for dogs and even humans. This tradition of giving a man’s surname to his children began during the later part of the twelfth century spreading slowly, with the south of England and the manorial classes leading the way.

The dog name, Hurley is an anglicized version of two Gaelic patronymics O’Muirthile, anglicized to Murhilla through Murley to Hurley and O’hUirthile descendant of Uirthile. The Erleigh family occupied a land in Kilkenny, Ireland and belonged to Cork. While the first family is found mainly in County Limerick.

Although a common human name many have chosen to adopt the name Hurley for their pets particularly their dogs. It is very popular among dogs ranked as the 100th most popular dog names. It is also a Gaelic name for dogs. It has been a unisex name for dogs since its use began.

Hurley Name Meaning

The exact meaning of Hurley is uncertain, as it is a combination of various Irish names. “O’Muirthile” roots, in particular, seems to translate to sea tides, meaning the first Hurleys were seafarers with a similar meaning to Murphy another Irish name. In recent times, however, the name Hurley has been translated to mean “Conner Wood”. While Murphy is one of the most common surnames in Ireland and England, it is also a common dog name in County Cork. No one knows whether it is a variant of the name Murphy not.

Using Hurley as your Dog’s Name

There are some who believe that the name, Hurley will play a huge role in how you communicate with your dog and how you view him or her. The name is a lovely pick for dogs. It is also believed that the right name can have a positive impact in your dog’s life.

Before considering calling your dog Hurley note that in the majority of the English speaking countries that adopt the name for their dog, see it as a boy’s name. While a grave few of them see it as a unisex dog name.

If you already have a dog named Hurley, then I guess you learned a thing or two. On the other hand, it you just got a dog and you are considering using Hurley as a dog name, then way to go, you’ve also learned some facts about the dog name Hurley.

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