Choice Dog Name: Bailey, You’re All I Need

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When it comes to naming our pups, it can be difficult to settle on just one name in particular. Often enough, we find ourselves coming up with nick-names and variations.Occasionally, the names we use will change according to our moods or situation (“Get out of the trash, Stinky!”). Nicknames add a little flavor to the bond between pups and their companions and offer some light-hearted uniqueness to the relationship.

We often choose these nicknames as variations of their original name. In the case of the name Bailey, there is already a wide variety to choose from. There are numerous spelling variations of this name, but most are pronounced the same.  Common spelling variations include Bailey, Baylee, Bailie, and Bailee.

Entrusting Your Own Personal Bailey

The meaning behind this name is quite simple. Originally, the name referred to a steward’s title, or one whom property or belongings are committed to in trust. The name originated in France in the early 1500s, and was originally a legal term used to describe certain officials, including bailiffs. In England, Bailey became a popular name rather than just a title, and has remained that way ever since.

One of the unique things about this name is that it’s unisex. It’s common to find both boys and girls with this name, without any variation to separate the two. Though these days it does seem to have gained preference as a feminine name, as most popularity poles will demonstrate. Regardless of your dog’s gender, you can always entrust your Bailey with the protection of your home and property.

A new touch

There aren’t really any radical nicknames for Bailey, though some will often shorten the name to the letter “B,” especially when calling that rascal in from a romp around the yard. Because of the lack of any extravagant nicknames, this is probably why certain new variations have begun sprouting up, particularly in the case of our four-legged friends. As with any name that’s been around for a long time, new ideas and innovative thought tend to give classics a unique and personalized touch.

Zailey has been dubbed a “Z-fied” version of Bailey, and made its appearance around a decade ago as more individuals began innovating on classic names. Zailey also has its own variations, much like Bailey, including Zally, Zalley, and Zalie. Of course, rather than the nickname “B,” you simply shout “Z” to get that rascal to pay attention to you. The pronunciation is perhaps the reason why it was “Z-fied,” and does offer a clever alteration for a classic name.

The name Bailey has been around for a long time, but it’s always possible to give each name your own personal touch. This particular name has its own variations to offer, and even a few new innovative ones that will represent the unique qualities that your pup shares with you and the rest of the world in which they live, play, and love.

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