Origin of Chiquita

chihuahua-618453_640Dogs are well known for their unusual names. From Rex to Maximillian, there’s arguably no name that’s off limits. Many owners even turn to different languages to come up with that perfect word to describe their perfect pup. While Italian and French are often very popular go-to languages, it’s Spanish that reigns supreme in the cute names department. One of the most recognizable and common is Chiquita.

Spanish for “little girl”, Chiquita is a highly common name most popularly used for smaller dog breeds, like Chihuahuas. Even still, everyone enjoys the humor of a massive hound with such a dainty name. While Spanish in origin, the English community has been quick to adopt the word as they do so many words from other languages. From this full name, comes the even more easily recognized Chica. There is even a male version, Chiquito, though this is far less popular.

The popularity of the name really picked up steam back in the early 70s. While mainly used for baby names, it didn’t take long for owners to transfer the term of endearment to their pets. This adoration of the name grew until it peaked in 1985. While not as common now, it has maintained steady popularity as both a proper name and a nickname for female dogs both large and small.

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