Max Out Your Pup’s Name

dogSometimes we pick dog names because they remind us of fantastic stories, favorite songs, or maybe a character from a classic story. From all the available names there is one in particular that has been a pup-ular name for dogs, and might even sound a little cliché at times.

Max is amongst the top ten most popular dog names in recent years, but it’s been around a lot longer than that. Though short in length, it possesses a name reflecting the greatness of the bearer, which is why it is still popular even today.

Max is short for…

Max isn’t as simple a name as one might think though. It’s been around for centuries, and was originally derived from Latin. Since then, it has been ingratiated into numerous cultures and time periods, each applying their own special touch that makes this name uniquely versatile.

There aren’t any variations to the name Max itself. Instead, Max is actually the shortened form of numerous different names. So, if your pup’s name is Max, you might be wondering which particular name you might have been thinking of originally when you dubbed your pup with this name.

Maxx is the actual form of Max. Originally sourced from Latin roots, it was a simple but powerful name meaning “greatest.” Since a good pup is one of greatest friends one can have, it only makes sense why this name is so popular. Other variations include a relatively popular name, Maximillian, which is a Germanic version of the Roman name, Maximillianus. This reminds many of the relatively popular movie featuring a Roman gladiator named Maximus who fought against corruption and sought freedom. When the movie first appeared, the popularity of the name Max jumped to the top of the name charts and has been a mainstay ever since.

But there are other sources for this name as well. Maxwell was a name variation founded in Scotland. It was a combination of Maccus meaning “great,” and “Wiel” meaning “spring.”  This translated into “Great Spring,” and was originally a name reserved for those living near Maccas’ spring; who were a part of the Maxwell family of Dumfriesshire and Galloway. Maxwell is the name dubbed to Mel Gibson’s character featured in the movie Mad Max and the Road Warrior (where he is accompanied by a Blue Heeler otherwise known as an Australian Cattle Dog).

A name for all pups

Of course, there is something a little more unique about this name than its multiple sources and variations. It is also genderless. So, whether your pup is male or female, Max will suit them just fine. Take for instance the name Maxine, which is the renowned popular variation of Maxx in the English language.

Then there’s the German feminine of Max which is Maximilliane. It’s quite long and you probably won’t want to say it every time you call your pup over for a neck rub. But it does have a very fine sound to it, especially when introducing your pup in a royal manner, or just want to flaunt a great name to friends and family.

So when you’re introducing the greatest pup in the world (who also happens to be yours), a simple name says it all. Max is indeed a great name for any pup, and reflects the qualities that make them the best friend one could ever have.

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