Is Your Dog an Ace Pup?

handsome dogThere are plenty of name choices for dogs of all breeds and size. Some reflect the nature of the pup while others reflect their impact in the owner’s life. The use of human nicknames as dog names has become a trend in recent years. Perhaps one of the most popular nicknames that have become a choice dog name is “Ace.”

If you ask someone what the name Ace means, they’ll likely give you the most common and preferable definition that comes to mind. To many, Ace pertains to excellence: “You aced your test,” or “You have an ace-high hand.” Ace is great in such terms, and it’s no wonder why it’s among the top choices for dog names in recent years.

Its original meaning

The original meaning of the name is slightly different than today’s common meaning. The Anglo-Saxon meaning (used commonly today) is “first in luck.” However, in Latin, the name actually means “a unit,” derived from the Old French word “as.” This referenced the side of a die that had only one mark – one unit – on it, which is still today not what you want to roll (even in a monopoly game). Later, it was used in cards, at which point it was still dubbed the lowest value card, hence the reason you have ace, two, three, and so on. It wasn’t until much later that the ace became the high card, considered lucky, excellent, and unbeatable.

Around the same time, Ace also became an English surname meaning noble. Then it earned its stripes as a title given to the best pilots (primarily in Great Britain) during World War I when flying was a dangerous task to master. These top rate pilots were called “Aces” and were the champions of the skies, just like our pups are often the champions of our lives.

A magnetic personality

The thing about this name is that it goes to your head rather quickly. It won’t take long for your pup to adhere to being the “ace dog” around the house. You’ll soon find that they have a strong desire to be appreciated. So when they perform for you, you’d better pay attention because they like to be the center of attention- the apple of your eye. And they might even get a little jealous around others. Be ready, because these rascals love to compete and prove themselves in every aspect of life, from races out in the park to challenging who can get the most belly rubs in one day. This also means that they love to be with their companion and rarely enjoy being separated. You can expect a dog with this name to be fiercely loyal, and once they trust you, the bond will last forever.

Ace is a short, simple name with a history of being at the top. Suitable for any loyal furry companion, it makes for a top-choice name, or even a casual nickname if you prefer. After all, a dog and all its charm tend to bring unimaginable fun in any home.

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