Daisy, a Place in my Heart for You

cute dogWhen naming your pup, it can sometimes be difficult to settle on one specific name. Though you may have had one specific name in mind, when you saw your new pup, your mind went blank. All the names you’d considered before became a distant memory, and a new idea came to mind. It was a name that simply popped into your head when you saw that little wet nose and those happy eyes.

This is probably because a pup deserves a name that fits their individuality. There are plenty of names out there to choose from, but one in particular will describe your dog’s uniqueness, abilities, and quirks. Of course, we often come up with “pet names” that we call those rascals depending on their momentary demeanor (Nosy, stop sniffing around the groceries!) and quirky habits.

Daisies sprouting up everywhere

The name Daisy is a popular dog name today, though it originally started out as a “pet name” for another. Originally a translation of the French name, Marguerite, Daisy became a nickname or “pet name” for Margaret, and wasn’t commonly used until the late 1800’s.

When you think of Daisy, at first you may be thinking of the flower- the one with white petals and a bright yellow center. Historically though, the meaning of the name Daisy can be summed up simply as “the day’s eye.”

If you’re asking yourself what “the day’s eye” may be, consider that big ball of light up in the sky. Daisy is basically a reference to the sun, possibly one of the reasons the flower was named so. As for our pups, it’s easy enough to think of them as the sun, as they brighten up our day with wet-kisses and cute wags of their tail. They are the sun of pet owners’ lives, and ironically, they are often responsible for waking them up (especially when they have to go potty or want to play).

Made the name famous

One of the most famous references to this name was the song Daisy Bell. This classic song is largely responsible for the fame the name gets today.

Daisy Bell was written in 1892 by Harry Dacre who travelled to the United States from England, bringing along his bicycle with him. At the time, import tax was imposed on such articles and effects when entering America. So in humorous remark, Harry’s friend noted that it was a good thing the bicycle wasn’t built for two, or Harry would have had to pay double. This was the inspiration for the song, which later became a huge hit in both the United States and Great Britain. Since then, the song has been featured in countless films, given unto cartoon characters such as Daisy Duck, and been used in technological sound studies; possibly the biggest reasons why the name Daisy is popular today.

But what really makes the name famous is your pup. They brighten up your life with their love and friendship, and are always there for you, waiting for you to wake up and enjoy the day together.

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